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Introducing Blood Moon Magic available

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Trapped in an abusive marriage and isolated within her husband's radically oppressive religion, Alondra had all but given up. Then a voice from her childhood slipped through the veil of death to remind her of an ancestry that could hold the key to her survival. All she needs to do is connect with the dormant magic within by the rising of the blood moon. Success means survival and freedom. Failure would expose her plans to her husband who will kill her for daring a life without him. Can Alondra’s trauma conditioned psyche fight for the courage to choose freedom before time runs out? One thing is clear: the primal red glow of the blood moon will either cloak her escape…or blaze a trail to her complete destruction.

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Knives in the Air is a newly released Sentient Power episode 

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Angelica Skye is a Sentient assassin. Wind magic is her specialty and it grants her a power that is rare, even among the Sentient. She chases physical pursuits and is not limited by a need for caution. Following her desires, she finds herself face to face with one of nature's most successful predators, man. She offers him several opportunities to escape but once his intentions are clear, any thoughts of mercy are swept away in the wind.  Knives in the Air is a Sentient Power episode, a short story that introduces not only Angelica, but also a world where the enemy doesn't get second chances...and fighters use magic.

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