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Violet Stars

The World of Sentient Power

    The vitality of stars throb like a heartbeat, pulsing through all life and animating the Universe.  Self-awareness and imagination made emerging humankind uniquely designed to access this powerful vibrating force, an ability granting them stewardship over all.  They named the pulse Magic.
    Slowly at first then increasing through the ages, humans turned away from
the role of disciple. Evolving to prioritize personal power, they sacrificed their connection to the pulse. Mankind became corrupt with a need to hoard, exploit, and subjugate.   
    Yet... there still exist those who seek alignment with the pulse and cultivate ancient wisdom and skills. They strive to restore balance and health not only to planet Earth, but to the entire Universe. These custodians of magic are known as

T H E   S E N T I E N T

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Blood Moon Magic

From the barely glimpsed world of Sentient Power comes the story of Alondra, a witch who has forgotten that magic exists. Marriage to a sadist has systematically shredded her sense of self until she is a shadow person, on the verge of extinction. Then one night under a moody sky comes the catalyst she needs. Finding strength to fight, Alondra seeks to conjure her inner power before it's too late.

Knives in the Air

Angelica Skye is a Sentient assassin. Her unique talent makes her the best. Ever. Where others are ruled by greed, guilt or sentimental ideals, her focus is travel, combat, and sex -not necessarily in that order. Part of a secret network that cultivates ancient power, Angelica and her allies are fearless. Knives in the Air illuminates a world where the enemy gets no mercy...and fighters use magic.

Sentient Pulse

The first humans to reach the Pacific Northwest imprint on the land and keep the ways of the Ancestors, using ancient knowledge to fuse with their adopted home. Within a few generations a powerful seer is born among them and her gift is a gift for all. Then fear turns an apocalyptic vision into destiny. She creates a bridge that offers a connection through time and a fragile hope for humanity.

Find these and other stories by C J Babikoff wherever ebooks are sold!

The website of author C J Babikoff and stories with magic, witchery, and an ancient power known as the Pulse. Come along and explore ideas of a universe connected by the beating of this aware and vibrant force. 

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